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Earn Extra Cash

Got some nice stuff lying around that you don’t often use like a bicycle, camera, backpack, or a studio space? Put those valuable assets to work by listing them for rent on momentarily's community sharing marketplace.

Save Money

Is a high price tag holding you back from your desires and dreams? What if you could borrow recording studio space for a few hours? Or a video camera for capturing your baby’s first birthday? How about a high-speed blender so you can try it out before buying your own? Browse items near you and start saving today as part of the momentarily sharing community!


Reduce your Ecological Footprint

Many precious natural resources are used and pollutants are produced in the manufacture of new products. Reduce your ecological footprint through momentarily's peer-to-peer sharing network. Want to step up your impact a notch? Pick up or deliver items by walking, biking, or using public transportation.

Build Community

Loaning and borrowing items through momentarily is a great starting point for building relationships around similar interests. You will meet people and businesses that share your values of building community and reducing environmental impact. Spread the word about momentarily to your social networks and help our community grow!

Featured Products


$ {{2| number: 2}} /Per day / $ {{4| number: 2}} /Per week

home theater

$ {{7| number: 2}} /Per day / $ {{45| number: 2}} /Per week

multi function vegetable cutter

$ {{4| number: 2}} /Per day / $ {{14| number: 2}} /Per week

nikon dslr 452

$ {{3| number: 2}} /Per day / $ {{33| number: 2}} /Per week


Your Schedule

Only want to loan stuff during the weekends? Want to have the option to rent per day or week? You got it.



Feel free to list as many items as you want at the price you want. You will only be charged when your item is loaned out.



Feel free to list almost anything with the exception of services, vehicles, overnight housing, or anything illegal or dangerous.


Worry free

Worried about loaning your stuff? There's no need to since you can set a deposit amount for your item. We are working on having an insurance option as well.



When you list an item, you can specify for it to be picked up, or you can deliver it and charge $1.50/mile with a minimum of a $5 charge.

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