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  What types of items can I loan?
  How do I list my items?
  How much should I charge for item rental?
  Is there a fee for listing items?
  How is the service fee calculated?
  Can I specify item availability?
  Will my items be borrowed automatically, or will I have a chance to review requests?
  What happens if I have to cancel a rental order?
  Will I need to deliver items?
  What happens if the borrower cancels their item booking?
  What if the borrower misses their return appointment, and I have to cancel my next booking?
  When could the borrower ask for a refund?
  What if my item gets damaged during the rental period?
  How are owners rated?
  What types of items are available?
  What fees are there?
  When will I be charged for borrowing an item?
  Will I be charged even if the owner does not confirm my rental request?
  Will I need to pick up the item?
  What happens when the owner cancels my request?
  What if I need to cancel my booking? 
  Where do I return the item?
  What is the refund policy?
  On what criteria are borrowers rated?
  What happens if I get hurt while using the borrowed item, such as a bicycle?
  There aren’t any items available in my area. How can I help?
  Can I borrow items in a place I am visiting (other than my home city/state)?
  How do I make payments?
  Will items be picked up or delivered?
  How do I get in touch with the owner or borrower?
  What fees are there?
  Will cancellation marks always show on my record?
  Who can I contact for customer support?
  Banned Items
  Not permitted at this time

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